About us

Welcome to our family!

Zand Amsterdam is a young innovative company who has introduced a fresh, funky and unique design to the world of women’s clothing.

The four sided wrap skirt is created with playful combinations of colourful fabrics which are eye catching and fun. Both frivolous and functional, the reversible design of the skirts allows women to celebrate their individuality and style, whilst minimizing the number of outfits they need.

With different vibrant fabrics on each side and a reversible top and bottom band, this is a skirt that enables women to create 4 distinct looks with ease.

The top band can also be detached and worn as a stand-alone belt with handy detachable pouch. All of this and more, the popper fastening system on the waistband adjusts from size 8 – 18 making them ideal for pregnant women or women whose weight may fluctuate.

Each skirt is a unique combination of fabrics resulting in a stunning collection of countless individual skirts in long (45cm), medium (35cm) and short (30cm).

These many innovative features combined in one skirt have given life to a piece of clothing so exciting and versatile that women from across the spectrum of age, style and size are drawn to the sense of adventure and possibility that it stirs up in them.

Following is a little video explaining how the skirt works:

Unique Selling Points

The key ingredients to our product line can be summed up in a strong set of unique selling points

Each wrapskirt is one-of-a-kind

The varied and colorful fabrics in the lower and upper band of each skirt guarantees unique combinations.


Foursided; wear the skirt inside out


You can make four different combinations out of one skirt thanks to the special zipper in the upper band


One size fits all

All our skirts fit sizes 28 until 44, thanks to the double row of snap fastenenrs. No headache choosing between S, M, L or XL. Also ideal for pregnant women!



Produced Fair Trade

Yaniv has a saying: “The cake is big enough for everybody to get his fair share”, from the very start he has followed this principle by paying his tailors 3 to 5 times more than the average tailor wage. Fair Trade has always been part of Zand Amsterdam.


Detachable Pouch

Almost of our skirts have a detachable pouch to store keys, money, mobile phone, etc.

The pouch comes equipped with a shoulder strap if you don’t feel like wearing the skirt

The pouch can be attached to the loops on your jeans too!


Wear it as a skirt

Wear it as a top

Wear the pouch on your jeans

Wear the pouch over your shoulder with the strap

Wear the unzipped upper band as a belt

It only takes one minute to change your look!


Easy to combine

The skirt is sexy on leggings, funky on jeans, superb on bare legs

The dazzling amount of colours in each skirt make it easy to match up with almost anything in your closet

High quality

Our skirts and dresses are finished in high quality, meaning double seams, thick thread, quality fabrics, robust snap fasteners, etc.



Zand Amsterdam is a young growing company, established in 2006 by Yaniv Shapira. Yaniv invented his wrapskirt a couple of years earlier and with the help of two tailors in New Delhi he first started selling his own designs on the Goa night markets.

The practical versatility and colourfulness of the wrapskirts made them an instant success. This enabled Yaniv to increase production and proceed to sell at locations such as the famous Waterlooplein Market in Amsterdam and later on various festivals like Lowlands, Pinkpop, Rock Werchter. The company now supplies to more than 1100 stores around the world.


Yaniv has approached the market in a product oriented way, but in the process carefully listened to what customers thought of certain features and improvements, this style of working makes Zand Amsterdam stand out from other companies.

While being the creative mind behind the products, Yaniv also oversees the production in India, this a continuous learning process, in which the feedback from agents, store owners and regular customers is crucial for timely adjustments in the production process. By staying on top of matters, new innovations are added over time.


Our mission is to bring colour and versatility to the world and our vision is to design without compromise.

Customers have come to recognize and appreciate our special style. The Zand-style is a consistent mix of color, uniqueness, versatility and fairtrade.

Quality & Continuity

Yaniv started out with two tailors based in New Delhi, this has now grown to 200 to 350 tailors, depending on the workload. We currently produce 150.000 items per year, the production line has been set up in such a way that it is easily scalable to output higher volumes.

The two original tailors remain and ensure the quality our customers require and expect.


The distribution and marketing in Northern Europe is managed by Mick Perez and Dax Perez. We operate from our showroom and storage in the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam.

Mick Perez introduced automation – in the form of a Customer Relation Management system and wholesale website – to make the ordering and sales process more efficient. Mick quickly realized a sustainable growth for Zand Amsterdam, without losing touch with the store owners and customers. Dax takes care of invoicing, shipping and receiving customers in the showroom. He also maintains an intensive relationship with our sales representatives in Europe..

Zand Amsterdam has distributors in the North of Europe, Spain, Australia, Canada, UK and the United states.


The wrapskirts have brought us to this point, but we are busy with enlarging our productline. Think of versatile dresses, bags, leggings, trousers and women fashion accessories.

Our success can be your success

This success comes from the great product (it almost sells itself), the incredible drive of our German sales representatives, our service and our specific business rules:


To ensure the payments of our store owners, we never deliver our products before we receive a payment, or a proof of payment. This gives us and the sales representative the security of never having to chase the store owners for overdue payments. The time we save, can be applied more creatively and productive.

Store Owners

We choose to do business with actual brick-and-mortar stores, and only marginally allow store owners to sell our skirts on markets, fairs and festivals. This shift has enforced the sense of exclusivity and reinforces Zand Amsterdam as a serious brand.

It has kept the market durable for store owners, which have higher upkeep.

Ready Stock

We have ready-to-ship stock. A store owner does not need to pre-order months in advance. They pay and they get their goods straight away. All sales representatives regularly receive stock updates to prevent over-ordering. Having stock also makes it possible for store owners to come to our showroom to pick their own colors and models.

Return and exchange policy

We trust our product to the fullest. A store owner cannot sell the skirts? They get their money back, no questions asked. Is the store owner having trouble selling some particular fabrics? They can drop by our showroom and swap them for fresh skirts.

We are extremely lenient by allowing the store owners to exchange or return all their stock, this policy has proven decisive for store owners to give our brand a chance in their stores.

It basically takes away all the risk from the store owners, except for their money temporarily being invested in our skirts. This method has allowed for quick expansion, and a quick local adaptation for store owners knowing their customers by heart.

We do enforce a minimum buying quantity of 20 skirts, we do this for several reasons:

First of all, the concept of uniqueness does not come across with 10 skirts. With our skirts, the customer desires a wider choice to find the one that they feel is right for them.

For the store owners we have noticed a decline in sales when they have 5 or less skirts in the store. Selling less than 20 skirts is not profitable for us as a wholesellers and for the sales representatives in terms of provision and overhead costs.


The store’s succes is our succes.

This means we will assist the store owners in any way we can, providing them with selling techniques specific to our products and provide them with promotion material like banners, showcards and posters describing our USP’s.


Optionally we can provide the store owners exclusivity within a certain area. This is something they appreciate very much.

The store owners are also very happy with the fact that the skirts can be sold without the need of a changing room, this allows smaller boutiques and (non-clothing) gift shops to sell our skirts just as easily.


We have protected our models through several European community designs in order to safeguard our and our customer’s businesses. We have also trademarked the name “Zand” and “Zand Amsterdam”.


We actively seek out copycats; any breach in our intellectual property is dealt with swiftly and sternly. We ask our sales representatives, store owners, and customers to be our eyes and ears. Together we stand stronger.